28 September 2004

Sydney Aquarium

We went to the Sydney Aquarium today. We got the train down, less hassle not having to worry about parking etc. So we got the 6.30am train. Got to Sydney about 9am. Then the light rail to Darling Harbour. There was a small line but only a few minutes wait. The exhibits were great. The platypi were so cute. The seals were good. We saw this huge Tasmanian crab. The lobsters were scared of it. We had lunch and then walked around the shops for a while. Then a frappachino at Starbucks. We got back to the station and were able to jump straight on a train. Got home about 6pm. A fair bit of travelling but a fairly relaxed day. No pictures yet.

To make this sewing related, I did manage to get a bit of needlework done on the train.