7 September 2003

Above is an image of the complete voided work design I am doing. There is one panel at each end. When I finished putting it together, I will post a picture, I thought people might like to see the completed needlework design though.

Well, it was a pretty full Sunday. I didn't get much needlework done. We went over to my other half's sister new house for Father's Day. We had a BBQ lunch. The weather was pretty nice. Summer seems to be on the way. I did a little bit of needlepoint. I am making up these little pin cushions in tent stitch. Just something quick to work on when I don't have anything else on the go.

I have a few projects on the books. I have to finish off a pouch I am making. Its red velvet with tent stitched dear on it. All the hard part is done, I just have to couch some gold cord around the slips and then make up the pouch. Its been at this stage for months. I really have to get it done. Then my next thing is a wedding album cover. I think I will do that in applique for the petals (the wedding flowers are lilies), and then do details in silk thread. Then couch all the edges in gold and maybe have pearls in the border. Then once that is finished I can get started on my next major project, which is a blackwork pillow cover. It will be in scrolling vines with roses. Then a boarder of leaves and roses. I'm not sure how long it will take me. I've never done any blackwork before.