6 September 2003

Back to stitching. This is the voided piece I am working on at the moment. It is from the Bassee pattern book. I would classify it as a kicking bird pattern (or rampant posture if you are into heraldry). I am working it on 28 count linen, in two strands of Eterna stranded silk in long armed cross stitch. This is a flat spun silk, fairly close to what would've been used in the pre-1600 period. This is the first time I've worked in long armed cross stitch. I like the good solid covering it gives, particularly effective for voided work. Also my first time using the flat spun silk, it does take a bit of getting used to but not as hard to work with as I've been told.

Just an aside about Eterna. I can't say enough about how good there service is. I sent a couple of emails asking questions. There were replys within half an hour. I put my order in on the website, and then I had to ask another question by email. When I got the reply 15 minutes later, they said my order had already been packed and shipped!! The postage was via air mail and I was only charged the exact shipping, and it arrived within 7 days to Australia. I was and am totally impressed. Because I wasn't sure of the exact colours I needed (and this is my only suggestion, that they get a sample card with real thread on it), I had to put another order in and the service was just as good the second time. Added to which, the colours and sheen of the silk is just beautiful. No affliations etc etc, just a very satisfied customer.