11 September 2003

Operation Super Soaker

As you may know, my cat Pharaoh, had to go the vet on the weekend. The vet said his eye was acting up because of stress. We think its because of a new cat in the neighbourhood. So we invested in a new anti-cat weapon, a big super soaker. Last night we went outside and there it was, on top of the cat run. This huge, fluffy white Persian cat, sitting there like it owned the world. I didn't want to shot it with the super soaker, but this thing was scaring my cats and invading their little bit of the outside world, so it had to be done. You should've heard the racket, you'd think we really shot the thing. It jumped down into next doors yard, so I leaned over the fence and had another go at it. It didn't like that one bit. You could hear it howling from about 2 blocks away. I think it will take a couple of goes but with a bit of luck it will get the message!!