7 November 2012

Oh My Gosh Redux Test Blocks

It's been a while since I posted. Work has been absolutely mental the last couple of months.

I have been sewing but just haven't had time to post about it!

Below are the two test blocks for this project, one is an enhanced Shoo Fly with a little Four Patch in it and the other is a Nine Patch in Nine Patch block. All the patches are 3" for a 9" finished block. This is based around Sue Garman's pattern, but the sizing in that was just too insanely small for me to contemplate!!

As you can see, I'm doing it in 1800's Repro fabrics. I did a swap recently and am using just about all the fabrics I got in that in this quilt.

I haven't decided on borders yet, but I do want to put a border on it.

Here are the little 3" nine patches. These were surprisingly easy to get right as far as sizing goes.
These are the little four patches in a square for the Shoo Fly blocks. I made them oversized and then trimmed down. No way was I getting this right any other way!!


Michelle, your blocks look great. I do the same thing when working with small ones - make them a bit bigger then cut down to size.

I love your range of scrappy repros. I've caught the reproduction bug myself, I'm making some 1890s blocks with shirtings. It's great fun - but mine aren't as small as yours.