9 October 2003

High to Low

Well, I just had a fairly enjoyable day shopping for embroidery supplies ruined by a sucky email. Apparently I'm doing a pretty crap job of running our Barony's website. Me, I thought I was doing OK, but apparently I should be harassing people more to get info to to put on the site, I'm not trying hard enough. Apparently asking for people to bring stuff, bringing a digital camera every Sunday and waiting all day isn't enough. Well, WTF am I supposed to do?????? The site hadn't been updated in over two years when I took over. I did a complete redesign, new graphics, everything. I update it weekly if not more, I've added a photo gallery, an events page, I update with new stuff the DAY of big events, there is now an A and S section where there wasn't anything before, the monthly newsletter is now up there as well....

I feel like I want to chuck the whole thing in and having a good cry.