15 October 2003

Playing with Blog

I really like the layout of this template, but its pretty popular, so I changed the colours when I first started but now I've decided to add some permanent colour to the title bar as well.

I did a couple more hours on the caul, boy, is that taking more time than I thought it would. But it will look great when I make it up. I had planned on putting a simple leaf and vine design on the band but the longer the main part takes, the more likely it will end up plain.

I went and spent a bit of my tax refund today. I want to get more involved in the SCA and that means attending events outside my local area and that means camping. So I bought a 4 person tent on special and a pretty spiffy camp bed. I only like slumming it so much!! They pack down pretty small so I should have no trouble carrying them.

I also had a quick lesson at the sewing machine shop. When my grandmother died this year, she left me a bit of money, so I invested in a decent sewing machine. I got a couple of quilting attachments with it so today was a lesson on putting them on and using them. I usually do all my quilting totally by hand but I figure if I ever need to knock up a small project, that will be the way to go.