21 October 2003

Survivor: Week 4

Well, another week of Morgan Tribe members, (Ostin in particular) just plain embarassing themselves. Why would someone who obviously isn't comfortable in the water, apply for a Survivor series set on an island? Really, if they don't vote Ostin off at the next tribal council (and I have no doubt it will be them again - unless Drake repeats tonights efforts) I am going to declare Morgan as the dumbest tribe ever on Survivor.

Well, Drake won reward challenge after Ostin nearly drowns, and Tijuana goes swimming without the mask. This means Drake gets the reward (a cool old Singer treadle machine and some material for clothes) and the final piece of the treasure map. It takes a bit of finding, but they eventually get the treasure, a nice assortment of things for around the camp, food, hammock, mosquito net (which they really need, I couldn't believe how many bites Rupert and Christa had!!). Jon, what as whiner! He didn't think the treasure was good enough. I can't believe that he complains so much and spends most of his time drunk!

Burton decides that they should throw the challenge and makes the mistake of trying to get Rupert in on it. After all this time he has no idea of how Rupert thinks. Burton gets a nasty shock when he is the one voted out after they do throw the Immunity Challenge. An interesting twist is allowing Morgan to shanghai one of Drake. They then make the smartest decision they've made in the whole game, they take Rupert. This is good for Rupert because it gets him out of Tribal Council and gives him clean hands on the thrown vote.

I really am going for Rupert at the moment, with Christa as a close second. More next week.