28 October 2003

Survivor: Week 5 - The Worm Turns

Well, well, well - what a difference one person can make. Ryan summed it up best, the smartest thing that Morgan have ever done is get Rupert. Even after only staying a couple of days he made a huge difference. All this time they had a spear gun and never worked out how to use it!!! I don't know how to use one but after 5 weeks, I think I would've played with it a bit and worked it out!! And how lazy is Osten?? He doesn't want to move the shelter until it gets swamped and then only 4 ft! I'm not sure if he is lazy or just more scared of the jungle than he is of the ocean!!

And what was up with Drake and the steering of the boat!! In all fairness, I think even with Rupert, Drake would've lost that challenge. But you gotta love how Rupert handled when Andrew came over for the raid. "You can take whatever you want, but let me show you what I want you to take." and then he gives them food!! And what I great way to store rice, in the gerry can - rodent and moisture free!! So Rupert saves all there good stuff like tarps and pots and Morgan get much needed food, talk about win/win for Rupert!!

I was disappointed they didn't show the Morgan reaction to the food.

And then the immunity challenge. Drake had such a good plan and Michelle blew it. But I have to say, Drake are pretty fair when they vote people off. If it had've been Morgan, Sandra would've been voted off. But Drake placed the blame where it was deserved, with Michelle. Personally, I would rather have seen Shawn or Jon go, but Michelle can't really complain cause she blew the very good game plan they had.

So, not many hints about what happens next week, but the merge is getting closer.