12 November 2003


I haven't done any stitiching for a couple of days. Not feeling very motivated at the moment. Things are not going well at work. Hopefully, things will sort themselves out soon. I'm a bit tired too cause I am going to the gym twice a day and when I get home I'm not really in the mood for much more than sitting around. Although, last night I did do some tidying in my craft room. Finally filed some photocopies that have been floating around for months on the floor (or the table or under the table or on the shelves - you get the picture).

I have finished making the petals (sewed the silk onto the felt shape and tacked the edges down). I will try and post a picture this afternoon. Then I can start sewing them onto the backing.

BTW, on a technical note, a few people have commented that they had trouble seeing all of my blog, it seemed to stop half way through the page when using Internet Explorer. I checked the code and it was the javascript code for the IM alert tool that was causing the problem. So if you use this tool, you might want to think about taking it out.