4 November 2003

The Struggle Continues

Did an hour or so last night on the wedding album cover, more green on the petals. I should get it finished off tonight with a bit of luck. Got the homespun to support the silk ground. So I can start tacking on the felt padding for the flowers.

I have managed to talk Adam into letting me make him a nice tunic for his infrequent visits to SCA events. His first tunic was a 5 minute job, not pretty. I got him some nice taupe linen, which I plan to embroider a key hole neck for him. And some nice matching trim on the cuffs. I am thinking of putting in a false undersleeve. Due to his colouring and the Australian sun, he needs long sleeve, but he wants a layered, two tone look like one of the characters in the RPG he plays! So I am thinking of putting in false olive undersleeves, which will also be given embroidered trim.