19 January 2004

Busy Bee

No posts since last week. We are flat chat at work at the moment, its our really busy period. With a bit of luck things will calm down at the end of the week.

Went shopping Saturday. Got some brown corduroy curtains, a heap of heavy weight linen and a red leather jacket for $24. This will all be used in the making of a Brown Corduroy Doublet Dress. I will be keeping what is called dress diary amongst garb making circles. It's sort of like a blog but on a static webpage. The curtains were filthy with dust, so they were washed and dried. The linen soaked in the bath for a few hours in bleach and OxySan. The water came out yellow. I suspect most of this was sizing. Which probably stopped the stains from getting into the fibres. The linen was then washed and tumble dried. I reakon I got about 8m of linen for $8. Bargain. I will use that for interlining the doublet.

Anyway, by the time I carried all this home on the bus, I was dripping sweat. Its been hot here and on Friday night it rained so it was like a steam bath. Had a bit of a rest and then overlocked all the bits for the high necked smocks that I cut out. Then cut out another low neck one while I was at it. I will have to overlock those tonight.

So no stitiching but lots of prep work for other stuff. I also picked up some buckram to try my hand at making some hats to finish off my outfits.