22 March 2004

Big Weekend and Goldwork Problems

Well, it was a big weekend. We went shopping on Saturday morning and met up with Adams Mum and Dad and Grandma for morning tea. We went to Starbucks. This was my first trip to Starbucks who are sort of the ultimate represenation of American Cultural Imperialism. Anyway, I had been told previously about the cold icy coffee things. They start with frap.... I had the mocha one, I am totally hooked. The scary thing is I'm not a coffee drinker and I don't like chocolate all that much but that thing had me hooked!!

Anyway, while we were looking around we found a guy who made hand made swords. They were quite a nice design and very cheap so I told Adam he should buy one. Which he did. Its a very cool sword (for display purposes only, and maybe the odd embarassing photo!).

We went home and I crashed, didn't wake up for hours. But it was that really warm great afternoon sleeping weather. And Cleo came and slept beside me, purring her head off. How could I resist.

When I woke up later that night I got around to trying to get my goldwork design onto the velveteen. This is where I struck trouble. My usual method of tracing and using chalk didn't seem to work. Not sure if it was the technique or just me. Anyway, that was abandoned in favour of working up a lattice pattern for another blackwork caul. This week along really well. Once the lattice was done, I put individual motifs into the frames.

On Sunday we had a heraldry collegia so I had to go to Barony meeting early. On the way, I stopped at Spotlight and picked up some of the dress makers carbon paper. My plan is to use some of this to try and get the goldwork pattern onto the material. I will do that tonight and let you guys know how it went.

It was overcast all day but the rain held off. The collegia went well and in the afternoon we had our Newcomers Tourney. We had a really great turnout. I didn't take a camera (too much other stuff to carry) but I'm sure there were some photos taken. I worked on the blackwork caul. This one will work up alot faster, I left alot more white space!!

Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong glasses when I left in the morning and by the time I got home I had a raging headache, took me all night to get rid of it, so now sewing.