28 April 2004

Elizabethan Hat - Almost

Well, I didn't do any stitching on the weekend cause I was making an Elizabethan Arched Brim hat. And I almost got it done, until I had a bit of a disaster with the brim. Too much glue and the buckram lost some of its stiffness. The pattern called for heavy weight buckram. Mine was fairly stiff, but I think I should have sewn two layers together. The crown is holding up OK, but I don't think the brim is stiff enough to take the top layer of fabric. I am getting really sick of doing crafts that involve materials I can never get a hold of. The pattern also called for 18 gauge millinary wire. I picked up wire from Spotlight, but I'm not sure if it was heavy enough. So the plan for this week is to remake the brim. I will use double layer of buckram and I might double up on the wire as well. With a bit of luck, I will get it to the almost finished stage by Saturday. Then I need to get more bias binding for the end. Then that leaves putting the mulling and top layer of fabric on and construction for Saturday afternoon. I think I should have enough time. Then I can decorate - I bought this really cool feather!