8 August 2004

Sewing a Banner

Today we had a tourney on for my group, so I got to play dress ups. I don't drive, so I have to get the ferry and bus, then walk to where we have our events. I fair dinkum reckon that I would get less people staring at me if I was walking down the street naked!

Watched the tourney, did some more hand sewing on my wool tunic. Finishing the seams really does make a difference. Had a chat is Lucia about designs for the cloak she was embroidering.

When I got home, I started the banner I am making for the competition in a couple of weeks. I finished the background, murray and blue. Cut out the rose and sun motif, ironed onto the background. I then outlined the rose in pearls. Looking good. I will post some pics tomorrow. Got the rose done, just need to do the sun rays in cord.


It's always fun to freak out the Mundanes!