21 November 2004

Blackwork, Driving and SCA

I managed to get another couple of hours done on the blackwork sleeve. I've finished off the second row of spot motifs. Now, I will have to do two stripes. That should take about 12 hours.

I got in another hour or so of driving. We had a SCA meeting today and I drove there, via a shopping centre to drop off some DVD's. I'd made copies of the Anglo-Saxon handout to give to people, I received many positive comments. If I get a spare couple of hours, I'd like to make up some samples of each of the types of designs in the handout, to show people what they can look like.

I have to start working on the next one now, Viking. It's going to be hard, so little information to work with.

I've also been doing alot of surfing via BlogExplosion. There are alot of blogs out there, and I've found a couple that are worth a second visit. If you are looking for a way to find something interesting to read, joining BlogExplosion and surfing the links is a way to do it.