25 November 2004

Most Annoying Things on Blogs

I've spent way to much time surfing with BlogExplosion and came upon the things that most annoy me on blogs:

1. Huge Title Graphics - Why do so many people have these huge, massive title graphics at the top of their blogs?? If you have to scroll down to see the first entry in a blog, then the title graphic is too big. I don't know how many times I've been on BlogExplosion and when the 30 seconds is up, the page still hasn't loaded, cause they have this huge graphic there!

2. Funky Plugins and Apps - Some people seem to have a massive amount of "funky" plugins and apps coded into their sites. Again, sometimes these take along time to load, or if you are surfing from behind a firewall, you have to put your username and password in 10 times to load the Java or whatever. Also, feeds that come in from other sites take along time to load (see 1).

3. No Comments or Contact Details - I hate blogs that want to be conversational or controversial that don't allow comments or have email etc for you to contact them.

There are other things that annoy me about blogs, but these are the top three.