25 January 2005

Group Participation Project Details

I've managed to track down the image I thought we might use for the group participation project. It is from the 12th century St Albans Psalter. I just think these horses are the cutest, they are graceful, the colours are stunning and I just love the way they are covered in little swirls.

Now the idea is that we all work on some sort of project, using this illumination as our inspiration. I think that this would make a great design for a needlepoint cushion or a delicate silk card or miniture. The idea is that we use the illumation as inspiration. It doesn't have to be an exact copy. I for one am think of just doing one of the horses, without its rider and perhaps including the border pattern some how. The idea would be that we set a time limit, say three months and we track out progress, from design to finished products on our blogs. I'm sure a small token could be arranged for everyone who takes part.

What do you think?