7 January 2005

Work In Progress Blogs

Sharon over at In A Minute Ago has been discussing why people post work in progress blogs. For me there is a multitude of reasons:

  • Look at Me Factor - to be honest, there is an element of the look at me factor. I don't hang around people who are interested in needlework, so the only place I can get some positive feedback is via my blog.
  • Motivation - the blog is a way of charting my progress. In a project that might take over a hundred hours, it's easy to forget just home much progress you have made, unless you can go back and see what you have done and that you are in fact making progress. It also makes me finish projects. I am deadline driven.
  • Curiosity - I post in the hopes that it will encourage other people to post, because I REALLY enjoy looking at what other people are working on.
  • Propaganda - my focus is on historically inspired needlework, which is a pretty niche interest. So by posting about it on my blog and explaining how I do things, I am hoping to get other people interested in it.