19 February 2005


I went shopping today and managed to pick up a couple of bits of brocade that should do for the head-dress for my Persian outfit. A cream floral and a gold swirly pattern for the duck hat. I got a pattern from Roxane Farabis' page and made a couple of modifications (I put some iron on interfacing in to stiffen it up). It turned out pretty well. I just have to cut and edge the chiffon for the veil and it will be done. I am still waiting for the red fabric to arrive for the second coat for my outfit. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday. That should give me plenty of time. But I am worried that my gold metallic frogs won't arrive and that I might have to get some other sort of fastening for this coat. I found some buttons on the weekend that will do in a pinch. I should've bought them but I am bit broke this week.

I just managed to get all the sewing done when we got hit by a huge thunderstorm and were blackedout. We lost power for a few hours. I just got out my mini-disk player and listened to music.

I also managed to get mostly organised for a sewing day we are having tomorrow to make up some tabards for the group. Interesting to see the turnout.