13 February 2005

Walka Went Well

Yesterday was a big one. We had a shopping trip in the morning to pick up Adam's birthday present, a computer game. Then it was back home and finish getting ready for the Walka Event.

I left myself plenty of time to get lost on the way there. I was fine until I got to Maitland, too many roundabouts. But I got there in the end with only a couple of wrong turns.

I got changed into garb once I got there (too hard to drive in). I chatted with a few people and then got the A and S competition set up. We ended up with three entries in the mask comp and one in the item of wood.

I ended up helping in the kitchen as well, so by the end of the night I was pretty tired. Got home at about midnight, and was watching TV to wind down a bit when I flicked onto some thing that caught my attention. I thought to myself, boy, this sure sounds like Firefly. Then the opening credits came up and it was. Typical bloody channel Seven, putting this on without any advertising at midnight Saturday. I am so going to buy the DVD so I get the real first ep and in the correct order. So I watched that and then went to bed.