14 March 2005

Net Access Problems

Today was a bit of a nightmare at work. Got there at 8am to find net access down. Now, not a big problem for most people but when you work in online teaching, it's a problem. Found out it was all net access, not our online teaching environment (no difference in practical terms, people couldn't use it, but important cause it meant the teaching environment was stable). We eventually got access back at about 1pm, which meant an afternoon of catchup and damage control.

On the positive side of things, I won an auction on ebay for 5 metres of black wool-wool/blend. I am now thinking that instead of using the good wool and trim of a surcoat to take to Festival, I might make a more simple one out of this wool (if it arrives in time). That will have two benefits, I can test out the pattern and secondly, if it get dirty etc it won't be a big issue.