7 May 2005

Shopping in the Rain

Last night didn't go quite as expected. Adam called from outside Uni, Dad's car that we are looking after and using while he is away, broke down. So I had to do an emergency run to the petrol station to pick up oil. But when we checked, there was plenty in the resevoir, so we called the NRMA. When he got there, he listened to the engine for about 3 seconds and said we'd lost a timing belt and we'd need a tow. So computer stuff was transferred to our car and I drove home while Adam waited for the tow truck. We are going to hear today from the mechanic to see if he can fix it and how much it will cost.

Today I went shopping. Because we only had one car I was back to being a pedestrian. So I got a lift to the ferry but would be walking home. It started to rain just as I got out of the car and in my wisdom (not!) I'd decided not to bring a coat. So I spent the next four hours walking around in the rain. It wasn't that bad, actually. But I did get the bus back home (which meant no wet food for the cats!)

I got some scrapbooking supplies, including some brads and some patterned paper from Spotlight. Normally, I don't use alot of pattern paper, but this stuff was Me and My Big Ideas brand, at $5 for 50 sheets (2 x 25 patterns). They had several colour ways and I bought 6 packets worth. 300 sheets for $30, not bad. When I went to the scrapbook shop, I actually only bought a magazine. I was going to buy some Making Memories stamps, but they didn't have any. I did buy some foam to try making my own stamps with my Sizzix machine.

I don' know how much scrapping I will get done as the weather is starting to turn cold and I generally do my scrapping in the warm weather. But I am starting to get a backlog so I really need to get organized.

On the sewing front, I've been doing some work on a quilt I have in progress. It's my travel quilt, in that it is a small project at that I have packed ready to go for when I know I will be sitting around alot, like train trips to Sydney! Its in 30's repro fabrics and white. No challenge until I get the applique bit around the borders!