26 May 2005

Test Run of Klosterstitch Piece

I did a quick test run for the Klosterstitch piece I am going to do. Normally, I don't do this. I usually just jump in at the deep end and learn on the final piece, but in this case, I really needed to time myself a bit and also see what sort of coverage the DMC Tapestry wool would give. I did two 70cm lengths in about 15mins. It looked pretty good, but I don't think its as fine as the original. I think Appletons would be closer to the mark, but that would have two drawbacks. It would add to the completion time and also the cost as I would need twice as much yarn at double to the cost. Although, you can by the Appletons in 45m skeins. I will do a test run with the Appletons to see what it looks like. I know I am going to like it better! Damn!