19 October 2005

Sleeves Finished

I was able to get the cuffs on both sleeves done. Machine stitched the front seam and then hand-stitched the inside seam. I was then able to sew the gussets in and finish off the sleeves. I ran out of silk thread, so I used some cotten perle I had on hand for the whip stitching. Probably better to use that than the silk anyway, as I am going to have to deconstruct the shirt each time I wash it. The perle will be easier to deal with and cheaper as well.

I am happy with how the black edging is turning out. It really does finish the shirt off well. I should be able to get the neck gussets, front opening facing and collar done tonight. Then that will just leave side gores and putting the sleeves on the body. Looks good for a weekend finish.

Pam - Unlike most of my work, this one is pretty much a straight copy based on the catalogue entry from the Warwickshire Museum. The info sent by the museum was great and I can't thank them enough for the help they gave me. More info on the Warwick Shirt page.