23 January 2006

I'm Back

OK, I'm back.

I stopped posting because a couple of weeks before Christmas, my partner of 10 years walked out on me. So my life for the last month has been total chaos. I am trying to work out of if will be able to keep the house (buy out his half), so meetings with bank managers and lawyers are in my future. Also doing lots of excel spreadsheets for the finances.

On top of that, I have started a new job, where I have no idea what I am doing. I am waking up at 5am every morning cause I am so nervous about going to work. It would've been stressful enough just this, but with the break up on top of that, it's all been pretty horrible.

Part of the problem is I really don't have anyone to talk to. I don't make friends easily, I'm really bad at just going up to people and being social, so there really isn't much of a social support network there. I don't have much family locally and I hate talking on the phone. So to get it out of my system there might be a bit more personal venting than usual on the blog.

So I am going to try and start posting again, but it might not be as regularly as it used to be (partly depends if I can afford internet connection at home or not!).

On a sewing note, I am making another 13th C pouch for a friend. I won't post anything until I give it to him. But you know roughly what it looks like.