13 March 2006

Unbusy Weekend

I decided to have an unbusy weekend, after the choas of last weekend. I did some housework on Saturday, including washing some lovely grey wool I got off ebay and had an old school friend drop by on Saturday night. We just hungout, chatted, etc.

Sunday, I was supposed to go buy cat food and flea stuff but I just couldn't get motivated to get out of the house. I really should've though. I will see about picking the stuff up one lunch time maybe.

I did get one project out of the way. I wanted to make some sizing collars for the stuff I am going to sell. Problem is that you can't really cut out the centre and let people try the collars on. So I made up three "fake" collars, using the same templates I make the nice ones with. This forced me to make the templates in medium and large as well, so now I can do all three sizes. There is about a quarter of an inch difference, between small and medium and then again between medium and large. That doesn't sound like much, but when added all the way around the collar, it does give three distinct sizes (I'm sure there is maths for working out what that equals, but it's beyond me!). These fake collars will allow people to see which ones fit best. Should make things considerably easier and make people more willing to buy them!

I had hoped to pull out the various bits of wool and mark up a heap of collars so I could embroider them at my leisure, but I really just couldn't be bothered. Maybe I need to put the air con on more, I get more work done when it's not hot!