29 May 2006

New Polychrome Jacket at V & A

I was doing my regular "embroidery" search on the V and A website. A new polychrome jacket (T.106:1 to 4-2003) has been added. Arms are separate from body, very much in the style of other similar jackets. Of interest is the notation at the bottom of the description:

Accepted in lieu of inheritance tax by HM Government and allocated to the Victoria and Albert Museum
It makes you wonder what else is sitting out there in all those English country houses!

Also, more details of the front part of another jacket (T.259-1926), this one has three very close ups, including the back of one section.

If neither of the links work, search for "linen jacket".

Also new, another uncut slip of lemons and lemon blossoms (CIRC.657-1927) and a new "blackwork" shirt ( T.112-1972).

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