3 October 2006

Back From Spring War

Spring War is over for another year. I decided to day trip because the whole hassle with the tent etc was just too much. I'm glad I decided to do it this way because as soon as the sun started to go down, I started coughing.

All of the A & S classes had attendance (except for T-tunics and Writing Documentation). The most popular were the Basic Embroidery, Tablet Weaving and Embroidery for Clothing - Anglo-Saxon. All the rest had one or two people in attendence.

The whole A&S Tabbards and Banners thing for the mercenaries was a bit of a disaster. The whole trying to heard cats problem. Next time, I will have to make sure I am there to do a bit of organising. It might help!

I will put up the notes for the new classes over the next week or so. I need to do some modifications to the Tablet Weaving one. I will put links here when they are up.