25 March 2007

Klosterstitch at 30 Hrs

Klosterstitch at 30 Hrs, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Managed to get a bit of house work done on Saturday even though it was pretty warm. Decided in the early evening to do the lawn, it was getting a bit jungle like and everytime I've planned on doing it Sundays it's rained. So it was nearly dark before I finished. And about 10 mins after I was done, the rain started.

Sunday morning was more cleaning but not so bad because the temperature had dropped alot. Got it all out of the way and way able to spend a few hours doing some work on the klosterstitch hanging in the afternoon.

Dad and Sheila dropped by in the evening, so no more sewing.


It looks like you are getting better and better with every hour you work at your wallhanging :D
Looks great and - hmmmmmm - I think the colours remind me... ;)

Wooh! That looks like it's gonna take a long time, but be well worth it! Looking forward to seeing your progress.=)

Nice to find someone else who likes many forms of needlework instead of just cross stitch, cross stitch, cross stitch!!lol!=) Come and see me sometime?

Elisabeth, UK=)

That is really coming along. When I first saw your drawings and the beginnings of your stitch, I didn't understand what was going to come of it. I really like the look, beautiful work!