10 April 2007

Klosterstitch - Tuesday

Klosterstitch - Tuesday, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Managed to get onto the yellow today. Didn't start sewing until 2pm. I spent the morning making biscuits as a thank you for someone who lent me a ladder to clean out my gutters. I didn't do much sewing in the evening as Bubba decided she wanted to use my embroidery as a bed.

Then I finished making the Garlic and Chilli Jam. Although it may turn out to be toffee, as I think I may have cooked it just that little bit too long. I've never made jam before, so I will have to wait and see. Are you supposed to let jam "mature" before you open it? I know you should give relishes a few days, but not sure about jam.


What a beautiful and fast embroidery progress and what an amazing progress concerning your Klosterstich technique!!! It looks gorgeous!!!


Thanks for you kind comments. Your help has been important in improving my technique, it's definitly getting better!