18 April 2007

Wanted - Marriage of Minds Sampler

This entry is really a wanted ad. I really like the Marriage of Minds Sampler by The Drawn Thread. Only problem is I only really want to do the top bit of the design, with the grass, people, trees and houses. So I don't want to pay $35 for the pattern. So if anyone has the chart and are finished with it and would like to sell it, or swap for any of the very large number of wonderfule embroidery, sewing and craft magazines or threads we have here in Australia drop me an email. But be warned, I'm in Australia so it will have to be posted internationally.

I haven't done a swap for supplies or finished things for absolutely ages. I am missing it!!


I know you do SCA stuff. Are there any blogs out there with comments about lucets? I just became the proprietor of two of them and am having trouble getting tension right.

I'm not Jane .....

I don't know about blogs, but I think that the yahoo group Narrowork (narrowwork?) includes Lucet

I can attest that you are a most generous swapper. But, I can't help, sorry.