6 June 2007

Alive and Kicking

I'm still alive and kicking. Just haven't done any sewing. Had the newbies over again last night to work on garb. Actually made on tunic myself. After hearing the stories, I'm a bit scared to let them near the machines!! Anyway, they should all have at least one thing to wear within a couple more visits and they will know how to make them themselves. I might have to have a couple of weekends as well, wear they come and sew all day, rather than having it on the Tuesday night.


You know, the sewing machine will probably survive . . . my mother taught a class of Bluebirds (oh, in case you don't have them Down Under, that's the Primary Grades class of Camp Fire Girls [I think I just dated myself . . . it's now Camp Fire Boys-and-Girls] which is quite similar to "Brownies" in Girl Guides/Scouts) to sew - and the sewing machine took it better than Mother did.
Did you mean new both to historical garment construction AND to sewing? You are a brave woman. I'm amazed at how many Modern People approach plain sewing as some kind of arcane, dangerous, complex art . . . but have no trouble making a cell phone stand up and sing opera.
Beautiful work on the klosterstich hanging, too.

Susana Narvaez