4 July 2007

Embroidery Night

I've lived in my suburb for 30 years now and I've never had as much trouble getting home as the last few weeks. First the rain, then collapsed parts of roads and last night a bad traffic accident.

Anyway, after taking the long way home, I tidied up ready for visitors and made a chocolate cake. I forgot to bring the tunic home, I left it at work in the rush to beat the traffic. So I worked on my brown coat with stripey sleeves instead. It was actually fortuitous, because I'd forgotten I wanted to finish it off for the weekend. Got one sleeve done. If I get the other one done, it will be wearable, though I'd like to the the pocket slits done as well.

Tonight will be cutting out the green velvet and lining for the new coat and maybe also working out which sleeve pattern to use. Then if I can get up early tomorrow, I will finish off the tunic.