9 July 2007

Post-Tocal Debrief

Tocal turned out to be a somewhat intimate affair this year. Very few attendees and even less fighters than last year - only five. But I think most people had a good time. The feast was lovely and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I didn't get a picture of the new coat, but I did like the smaller ruff that I was wearing. Much more suitable. Also, I tried a new method for anchoring my hats which was also successful. Added to which the cooler weather meant I could wear all my nice wool gear without overheating. It also stood up to the late night temperature drop.

I got home fairly early on sunday. I worked on my current patchwork project. I should be able to get the last of the blocks finished off tonight. If I do, I will iron and post a picture tomorrow. Then I can start cutting out the alternate white fabric blocks. Once they are together, the next stage will be sewing the 120 half square triangles for the border and start thinking about colour combinations for the applicque.