16 August 2007


No sewing or anything like that last night, it was a bit of educational culture instead. Dad was still down due to losing his wallet, getting mad, driving half way home and finding the wallet at his half way resting point. So he came back, finished all the stuff he couldn't do because of the lost wallet and then wanted to go to a guest lecture on Pompeii.

I'd been tossing up whether to go to this anyway, so we went. I figured I'd run into a few people I knew from my days in the Classics department and I wasn't disappointed. It was one of the best turnouts I'd seen at one of these public Uni lectures. It was literally standing room only, they had to bring in four extra rows of seats and still didn't have enough. Anyway, it was quite interesting and they had a good mix from the wider community in addition to the usual Uni crowd.