25 September 2007

Slip Patterns and Silk Thread

To answer a couple of questions from the comments.

The patterns for the slips I am working on are adaptions from period examples. These ones come from the set of uncut slips from Traquair House in Scotland. They are late 16th/early 17th Century. The patterns were good but not quite the right shape, so I changed the orientation and made them squarer. When they are sewn on they will have a rough diamond shape to them, which is seen on many other period examples.

I think there are images of these slips in Historical Needlework: A Study of Influences in Scotland and Northern England by Margaret Swain.

The silk I am using on this project is a flat, non-twist silk that I buy from a nice person in China via eBay. The prices are very reasonable and you can order single colours if you like.


Thanks for the link to the silk supplier! I suspect I might be putting an order in there once I've worked out what my next serious project is going to be.

Although I do have this urge to do some heraldic stuff in or nué. :)