24 October 2007

Purple Slip and Silk Thread

P1020444, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

This is the purple slip with all the outside done. An hour should get the inside bits done.

Good news, the green silk arrived. The person I bought it from sent it to the wrong address. But that wasn't what caused the hold up. The bloody Australia Post contractors didn't put the notification card in my letterbox. So it's been sitting at the post office for a week!! The service has definately gone down hill since they started using contractors. Anyway, once I get the last little bit of gold done on the purple slip, I will finish the yellow one off, so I can get it glued up and ready to go. While that is drying, I can work on the other two already on the backing.

The next decision is do I put it in the competition as a completed piece or a work in progress?

Work in progress saves me time in making and then unmaking when I want to do additions, but I loose points for a work in progress.


This looks nice! When you first started on the slips I thought - ok much work and not my interest - but now - this is very nice.

That is simply stunning. I can quite understand your dilemma about the work in progress - but are a few more points worth the stress of having to undo and redo what is a beautiful piece of work? I'd enter the single one as a work in progress now and then enter the completed item later on.