28 November 2007

New Handout - Non-Counted Blackwork

Finally got around to uploading my latest handout. It's on non-counted blackwork. Quite a few original patterns taken from period sources in it. I may modify this at some stage, but that might never happen so best to upload it now just in case!



*Files that one away for future use*

Thank you - I've been planning to do a blackwork shirt (or at least a pair of sleeves) for some time now so that'll be a very useful reference.

Amazing handout, tnanks for posting!

btw, I am sure you know it allready, but it is always good to mention it again - you are one of my personal heros concerning embroidery :)

Bussi Racaire
(PS: and I really hope you like my new handout)

This is great!! Greetings, Arda

That is a lovely handout! Very useful with the patterns and everything.

Just a couple of notes, the links need to be checked over; the Elizabethan costume site has a new url, no longer costume.dm.net it is elizabethancostume.net and the link to the V&A in the museum section of the links points to the manchester galleries. I thought you'd want to know :)