3 September 2009

Vade Mecum Closed

Vade Mecum Closed, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Vade Mecum were medieval notebooks. They hung from belts and were used by doctors to carry important reference materials with them when visiting the sick. I've made this one inspired by the style but using individual pages for a notebook. Not very authentic.

EDIT: I've now found evidence for this sort of loose leather cover. So there are really only two things about this not authentic. The individual pages and the button to keep it closed. So, about 80%. That's pretty good. I think I will make some of these for Spring War.


Nice! That was the one I made in a class at Raglan, although it's stitched in an appropriately period manner. I'll try to photograph it over the weekend.

If you go back to this post where you left a comment, you'll see a bunch of links to vade mecum pics.