28 March 2012

WIP Wednesday - Shaded Ninepatch

On the weekend, I laid out the Yellow/Green panels of what I am calling my Shaded Ninepatch Quilt. Since I don't have a detailed plan for my quilt (I only knew I needed a WHOLE bunch of yellow, green and blue ninepatches), I need to layout and play with the blocks for each panel.

As a result of this process I needed to make some more green blocks. I had enough, but by the fourth panel, too many blocks with similar fabric were in evidence.So I've made more blocks and we re-layout the panels again to get a bit more random in! Here are the new blocks:

Here is the yellow  and green panel laid out. It isn't sewn up yet as I am still working on the placement.

An invaluable tool in this process was a $3 peep hole from the hardware shop. As I was working inside, I didn't really have the distance to see the full effect of the blocks together. As soon as I looked at the blocks with the peep hole, a couple of "dead zones" immediately jumped out.

This design also requires the use of alot of half blocks, essentially nine patches cut in half. I have alot of these left over. But the beauty of patchwork is that they won't go to waste. I plan on trimming them slightly and adding a triangle in a matching solid. I have so many of these there should be plenty for a decent sized project.