26 January 2014

Extra Large Ironing Board

I've been wanting to make one for a while, so I used the long weekend as an opportunity to make a custom ironing board. I have heaps of yardage that needs ironing and my ironing board is crap for it. So this one will do a full width of quilting sized fabric in one go.

I managed to score a bargain for the wood. It was $6.15 for the MDF. The one I pulled out had the corner damaged. So I asked if I could get a discount. I figured maybe a couple of bucks off or they would cut the end off free (which is what I wanted as it was about 3 inches too long). They said $2 - for the lot!! And they cut off the bit I didn't want free!!

As you can see, I decided to sacrifice a fabric I liked better! I figured if I had to look at it alot, I should pick something a bit brighter!!


Awesome job with the ironing board, and cheap to boot!! - you won't regret it at all! Mine is almost ready for a re-cover, I added felted 'feet' to it so I can easily lift it off the table (no sewing room for permanent set-up.)- Cheers.

Wendy, thanks for the feedback. I am still thinking about adding a cover to the back and maybe feet. Or a non-slip pad. Wait and see how it goes.