13 November 2014

Grey and Orange Quilted

Managed to get this one quilted in one day. Straight line across the grey and straight line vertically for the orange. And fair warning here, I did something that will freak out the purists. I didn't bother sinking the threads where it stopped mid quilt, I just did back stitch!!!

 You can see where the grey and orange meet that I've done backstitch rather than cut the thread long and bury it into the quilt. I tried doing the lines as one continuous up, across and down but it looked awful. So I did something I rarely do, I unpicked and did it again. Doing it this way the quilting was all done middle to outside and looked alot better. I just couldn't face all that hand finishing. I've done it on another quilt I did the next day, which has now been washed and there was no ill effects, no fraying at all. So I will probably do it again.