24 June 2015

Shaded Nine Patch Sections Done

This is my second oldest UFO (afer Moonglow). It's been sitting there ready for construction driving my nuts, especially the HST that needed to be sewn together. Part of the problem was that I didn't like some of the yellow fabrics I had used. I felt they weren't strong enough. It's really hard to get truly yellow tone on tone fabrics. I managed to pick up a few at the Sydney Craft Show last week and made some more nine patch blocks. The pattern is from Lisa Walton at Dyed and Gone to Heaven.

This is the main part of the quilt laid out so I could see how the sections worked together.

This is the centre panel of green and blue. Sorry for the crappy colour, it was taken at night on my phone!!

One of four blue corner sections.

Here is one of four yellow sections.

I need to make up a heap of green nine patches for the border. And sew these sections together. But it is a least at a stage I can live with for a while, but I really would like this finished in the next couple of weeks. I think this is doable as nine patches are so simple they are something I can work on after work!!