30 August 2016

Boro Slide Clasp Purse Finished

There aren't really any in progress shots for this one. It was pretty quick and easy to make. I used a kit by Indigo Niche. I'm normally not a big fan of purses etc. But I really love the clasp on this one and the boro work for the body. Instead of the traditional white thread, I used a verigated crochet cotton. Again, I usually had verigated thread but I love it for boro work. I got the thread from BeBe Bold. If you are interested in just the slide clasp, you can get those from Studio Mio.

If you buy stuff from these guys and they ask, tell them I sent you, they might give me free stuff!!

If you've never seen a slide clasp in action, here is a quick video.

You may notice that I haven't posted for a while. I've been having real world issues which means I haven't been doing much craft work. I've been doing Uni (anyone in Australia, if your looking for a records or archives person, email me!!) so not much sewing time.

I hope to change that, at least I will post about what little I do.