29 September 2003

Best Laid Plans...

Well, I spent a few hours on Saturday getting together a blackwork pattern for a caul. I finally got myself motivated. Its quite a nice lattice and flower pattern. Its to be done in black silk. Just as I got myself settled in for a good few hours stitching, I realised that I didn't have any black silk thread (well, not the sort I wanted to use - Madeira. I had plenty of Eterna standed but the Maderia was better suited for what I wanted). So, now I am really annoyed. But I was in a stitching mood, so I picked up some goldwork that I have to get done and managed to do one complete outline on the stag on the pouch I am working on. One more outline and all the embroidery is done on the pouch, I will just have to attach the tassels, cording and do the holes for the drawstring and it will be done (finally!!).

I didn't do any stitching yesterday (Sunday) as I couldn't get any more silk until Monday (today). I also wasn't feeling very well, so no embroidery. I have inserted a picture of the little sample piece I am working on. Just a couple more petals and the centre to go and its done. I will then work on the summer colour ones in browns and greens.