22 September 2003

Blackwork and Gold Silk and Pink Thread

No stitching yesterday, but I did finalize the pattern for a blackwork pillow case that I am doing. It is based on the one held by the V and A in London. There is a thin out side border, of vine leaves and small buds. The inside is large vine leaves and buds. I have changed the inside pattern to be five petalled rose and the border to leaves. I was going to have the border as roses and leaves, but the roses are two small and won't show off the blackwork very well. Today I have to transfer it to the 32 count linen I am using for the piece.

I have a pile of small kits that come with one of those fortnightly published thingys that is about cross stitch. I have bought a few because there have been some nice designs, including a few blackwork ones. There is also a nice architectural piece that I am going to do.

And I have one unfinished work that I would like to complete. I bought it as a kit (my first) from Inspirations magazine. It was THE most gorgeous Elizabethan inspired sweete bag. As soon as I saw the cover I knew I would buy it. It was actually the first time I had used silk thread in embroidery, I am now hooked. So I am about half way through the embroidery on that, so I might have that as my spare piece to work on when I get sick of everything else.

So I am off to listen to Piaf and do some tracing.