17 September 2003

German Wool Embroidery

First off, I just to say a big "THANK YOU" to Christine from Blogger!!

Secondly, I am really getting hooked in middle period German wool designs. I think I am going to have to make something up. I just love the narrative quality of these types of hangings and the very bold use of colour and strong, simple design. They also seem to incorporate an inordinate amount of heraldic display as well (which is always a bonus for me). While reading Schuette and Christensen last night, I noticed on particularly striking German shirt. Not sure if its wool or silk, but it looks great. I might have to make that a long term goal. I would so love for this book to be republished with all colour plates. I know it would be expensive but it would be worth every cent.

I think I really am hooked on stitching at the moment. I was getting so twitchy last night, not having anything to sew. I might have to do some more transfers for the scent bags, just to have something small and quick on hand to do between projects.