15 September 2003

Guild Night

The internet can be a really small place. I was hanging out on R.C.T.N one day and noticed another poster from my neck of the woods. It's nice seeing another Aussie, even better seeing one from the same city. So I thought I would introduce myself. I emailed and the world got even smaller. Not only was she in the same city, we worked at the same place, the local Uni and even weiderer than that, we were only a couple of buildings away from each other! So we met for lunch one day. This person is a member of our local branch of the State Embroiderers Guild, and she offered to give me a lift there if I wanted to go. This was a good chance for me because I don't drive and alot of these things are too hard to get to. So having someone who could give me a lift and who was close by was great and for the sprinkles on top, Karen lived in the suburb a couple after mine, so she was able to drop me home afterwards. Bonus.

So no stitching at the moment, since I am at work, but I will be going to the Guild tonight. It is nice to be able to share in person my obsession for embroidery and hang out with people who actually want to see what I am working on.