22 October 2003

Near Disaster Averted!

Well, I am working on hemming/finishing off my Assisi table cloth thingy and I nearly completely stuffed it up! I pulled some threads to make turning the hem easier but I didn't leave enough gap between rows. And its started to fray pretty badly on the corners. So I put it down and thought I would come back to it fresh. So I picked it up again last night and the first thing I did was to put some Fray Stop on the offending edges. When that was dry, I ironed the first fold over and then used about a hundred pins to keep it in place. This did the trick. I was able to sew the two, long side hems last night. Intersting working with linen thread, I've never sewn with that before. So tonight I should be able to finish off the two short ends. I am seriously considering putting a nice fancy red silk fringeing around it but I might wait until after the competition to do that, as its not very documentable.

Linn - The Celtic Alphabet is looking good! Will it be available for purchase at some stage? Also, you mention a database for your books, can you give a bit more detail about that? I'm interested in what info you put in and what program you use.

Su - I hope they put this new Henry VIII production on Aussie tv, I am one of those sick people, who if in the right mood enjoys bad costume drama! Although, some can be just plain bad!

Meri - I love the new sampler, a simple, honest piece of work. I believe that we get too caught up in the Victorian ideas about the back of needlework. Yes, a neat back shows a certain level of skill but I think in that neatness, it looses character. It looks just like the rest. It's the problems, knots, missed stitches that show the struggle and effort that went into making something that I am sure the owner was very proud of and which you now appreciate for its simple charm.

Anna - I'm a scrapbooker too!! It's great, I can combine my hobbies, I can make scrapbooks about my needlework projects!

Dani - Yes, you do have regular readers and I'm glad you are feeling better. And yes, I keep the TV on when I am home for the background noise. A totally quiet house freaks me out.

Brenda - Any chance of a picture of the new house?